The Foundation provided funding to Scottish Child Law Centre which was used to improve the legal service provided by the Centre’s free email and telephone advice service.

In addition, the solicitors of the Centre were able to organise and host several legal events with guests speakers, which allowed them to improve their understanding of the current child law in Scotland but also share the exert knowledge of the speakers with other participants of the events.

These events included SCLC annual conference which this year was entitled “Child Protection: Importance of Happiness Love and Understanding”, masterclass on “Prevention of Sexual Offending by Young People” and masterclass on “Permanence and Adoption”.

The solicitors have also been able to use their improved legal knowledge to respond to the government consultations proposing changes in legislation that will have direct effect on children in Scotland. The consultations included proposed changed to part 1 of Children (Scotland) Act 1995, proposals incorporating provisions of the UNCRC into Scots law and the proposed Gender Recognition (Scotland) Bill.

With the help of the grant received from the Foundation the solicitors were able to attend an annual Family Law Conference and a training event organised by Children in Scotland in collaboration with Make it Stop on “Positive Pathways for Children who have Exhibited Harmful Sexual Behaviour”. The solicitors were able to incorporate the knowledge gained through participation in these events in the development of the Centre’s training material for professional working and supporting children in Scotland.

Finally, books purchased with Foundation funding assisted the solicitors in widening their practical and policy knowledge on the law affecting children in Scotland thus assisted in improving service provided via the Centre free legal advice service.